Pendants Jewellery

There are so many different styles of pendants on the market today. In fact, as consumers we are totally spoilt for choice. Whether you're male or female, there is a style to suit you. Pendants have the longest documented history in the jewellery world. People through the ages would wear pendants to show status and wealth, as a means of identification and of course as a present for a loved one. You can also visit our partners who speak about loi malraux.

If you want to follow in the footsteps of your favourite 'A' listed celebrity, just look in the glossy magazines or on celebrity websites to spot the kind of pendants jewellery they are wearing. For example, Angelina Jolie, and Scarlett Johansson were spotted recently sporting silver ball pendants and Miley Cyrus has been seen around town wearing a stunning black pendant that had every one talking. Yes, black pendants jewellery is really 'of the season' at the moment. And it's not just the girls who have a 'penchant for pendants'. The guys are getting in on the act too. Jay Z and Kanye West have both made a splash in the headlines with their impossible to find hip-hop pendants jewellery. They have swapped their regular gold, silver and platinum hip-hop wear for black on black bling. Their Jesus pieces have a black finish which is then completed with stunning black gem stones, such as the black diamond. These are brilliant cut diamonds that are coloured black, so, they're still diamonds and worth a fortune. Of course, if you want to copy their style, and who wouldn't, you can find copies of these gorgeous pieces the 'A' listers are sporting everywhere. Just check out your favourite jewellery designer and they'll have a pendant to tempt the smallest pocket.


Be Different, For something really different in the pendants jewellery line check out these. Image in Jewels, a superb British company the sells the most gorgeous and up to the minute pendants jewellery.

Every Pendant Needs a Chain So, you've found your perfect pendant and now you need a chain to suspend it on. There are many styles of chains to be had. Choose from the Anchor Chain, the Round Curb Chain, The Belcher Chain, The Figaro Chain, The Herringbone, Hollow and Marine Chain, The Box and The Prince of Wales Chain to name but a few. Ask your jeweller about the different kinds of chains available to you and which is right for your pendant. Don't forget that some pendants are very heavy so using a light weight chain such as the Hollow Pendant chain will not do.